Jade Plant Kit
Jade Plant Kit
Jade Plant Kit
Jade Plant Kit

Jade Plant Kit

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Use this kit to fill your Rosie Rosie candle vessels once you have burned through the candle!

This kit includes one 4" Jade plant, 1 bag of white rocks and 1 bag of succulent potting mix. 


Once your candle has burned through remove the remainder of the wicks, clean and dry your vessel. Place a few of your rocks at the bottom of the vessel (this helps with drainage!) then take your plant out of the grow pot and place in your ceramic vessel. Add extra dirt as needed. If you would like you can add the remaining of the rocks on the top to make it look oh so happy! 

Plant care: 

Place your plant in Sun to Part Shade. 

Water your plant when it is dry 2 inches from the top ( you can use your finger to determine this!) You will probably only water every 2-3 weeks, but make sure to check regularly.