Here is some info about our shipping process.

1. How fast do you ship? 

We do our best to ship within 1-3 business days. Should there be any delays we will notify you. If you are requesting an item not in stock or need more quantities, those will be shipped according to completion dates. 

2. What if my package goes missing in the mail?

We are sorry to hear that! Currently, since we are a very small operation we are not able to replace missing or stolen items once they leave our hands. In order to assist with cost, you can reach out to us to get upgraded shipping with insurance. Just email 

3. Do you expedite shipping? 

While we don't offer expedited shipping at check out, we can upgrade if you request it. Please email us at to discuss expedited shipping options. There may be a follow up invoice to cover the extra cost! 

4. How do you package your items? 

We use paper! Paper is the best way to package ceramics as it is more reliable then bubble wrap and definitely less annoying than packing peanuts:) 

5. What is my item is broken when I receive it?

We would hate if you received your item broken. Have no fear, if you take a photo and email us at we can work with you on a solution! 

6. What shipping carriers do you use? 

We primarily use UPS and Fedex. We work with the address to figure out the best option for the package. 

7. Do you ship Internationally? 

Yes, we can! We will ship via UPS or Fedex.