Rosie Rosie is an idea that has been brewing for a long time.

Formally in the floral world, my passion for ceramics blossomed based on the pure need of good vessels to arrange flowers. In and out of ceramic classes myself for years, I wanted to create an e-commerce shop that would support and uplift artists that were actually making amazing ceramic pieces.

A space of community, support and power in numbers. 

Our Values

The vision for Rosie Rosie goes far beyond an online shop. We want RR to become the biggest community for independently made ceramics. 
We believe in making it easy for you, the customer, to find and buy handmade ceramics so you don't have to go to the big box stores. 
We believe in small business and the importance of them. 
We believe in quality over quantity. Bringing you products that will last and not end up in a landfill. 
We believe in authenticity. The story behind the ceramic pieces, the story behind the designer, the story that you can bring into your homes and life to create a richer life experience. 
We believe in ceramics made from the heart
We believe in the why behind the buy. 

The Future

Our hope is to someday open up ceramic studios across the country, where we can celebrate those making and teach those who want to make.
Our goal is to have a grant program started within the next 5 years, to support the growth of new ceramicists. 
Within 10 years we hope to be the largest e-commerce company selling independent small business ceramics in the world. 
Uplifting the makers that make this world truly beautiful. 

We hope to contribute to healing this earth that we live in my lowering the destructive poisons that mass production and shipping create. 

I am so excited to have you be apart of this journey.

Thank you!