Charcuterie Plates For Small Holiday Gatherings

Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving! 
Is everyone ready for Thursday? Are you doing a turkey? Mashed potatoes? Green bean casserole? 
Well we are doing it small this year, just my husband, the kids and myself. So I thought I would share some simple charcuterie plates with you that are perfect throughout the holiday season for 1 person, 2 people and 4 people. Everyone is showing how to make a great charcuterie plate, but I think the key is to get cheeses, nuts, spreads, fruit and crackers/bread that you like. There is no right or wrong way to put together a plate. 
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So without further ado, here are a few tips that I have for you to make a bangin' cheese and meat plate (If you are vegetarian omit the meat)! 


for this plate I think it's about keeping it simple. You don't want to fill the plate with more than you can eat (unless you plan on grazing all afternoon, which is cool too!) For this smaller plate I included the following:
2 cheeses
( I like one hard and one soft)
2 crackers or bread
(here i have parmesan crisps and bread sticks)
 1-2 nuts
( here I have marcona almonds and regular almonds
1 type of olive 
1 dried fruit
(here I have dried cherries, but choose whatever you like! 
( I put raspberry jam)
You can also add mustard and/or honey if you like them!)
The perfect plate for this size is the Brush Stroke Platter!


With the 2 person plate I added a bit more of what we had on the 1 person plate and then added a few other items! 
I added: 
1 more cheese
(cheddar here!)
Sliced baguette 


For the largest of the cheese plates I went all out. If you have 4 people you can be a bit more indulgent and add a few more items so that everyone can have something they like. You can use toothpicks or little forks for everyone so no one is touching the tray with their hands. Little spoons work too! Here is what I have for the 4 person plate.
4 different cheeses
( mix soft and hard and tangy and sweet. For example, camembert, goat cheese with honey, white cheddar and yellow cheddar. Also I LOVE parmesan cheese so sometimes I add slices of that!)
1-2 meats
2-3 nuts
( I have pistachios, almonds and marcona almonds)
1-2 Dried fruit (
I have cherries)
Parmesan crisps
Bread twists
No matter which way you cut it, you can't go wrong with a cheese plate. So indulge and treat yourself well this holiday season. You deserve it.