Ceramics For Lovers

Hey lovers, 

Valentines day is on its way and always comes before you know it. We have some awesome handmade ceramic objects that I think would be just right for your loved ones. Of course, the biggest gift you can give is your love, but adding some thoughtful littles can make someone feel even more special. For a complete list click here!  
xo C

The Sugar Spoon



PSSST: Also we have a list of Valentines day gifts that we highly recommend made by other brilliant artist and makers. Whatever gift you give, be sure to make it a handmade, small batch gift from your heart. 

Handmade Soap from Saipua
Hinoki Body Oil from Wonder Valley
Magic Bath Soak from Echo Vie.
The Heart Diamond Ring from Cities In Dust Jewelry
Chocolates from Ethereal Confections.
Heart Necklace from Laura Lombardi.
Heart socks from Festive Collective.
Wild Sweetness by Thalia Ho.
Heart Turtleneck by Veronica Sheaffer. 
Wild Rose Handmade Incense by Plant Makeup.
Sling Bag by Abbey Alley.


 *Cover image by Meagan Shuptar