7 Things I Am Grateful For

Hello friends! Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving. I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week. This year has flown by. To think about all that has happened in this world and in my life just this year, puts things into perspective. 

Anyway, we all need to make sure to really think about what we are thankful for this holiday season. Gratitude, kindness and support are so important to give to every person that steps in your path. I hope you find your gratitude on Thursday! 


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Ok - Below are the things I am grateful for this week! Hope you get inspired:)

Heart Be Your Guide - I have always worked at small companies. I have owned small companies (Rosie Rosie) and I am forever trying to support them. I had an idea a few years ago to start a website that was the coolest looking small business "finder" that you could imagine. I named it Heart Be Your Guide. I put it aside for some time, but recently I started posting small businesses to support on my personal instagram page and people were really into it. So I decided to pick up the HBYG instagram and start posting again. I hope you like and please, if you have any great companies that should be part of the club, send them my way! And please, if you like, follow us on instagram and facebook. This is for the businesses so the more people who follow and like, the more exposure the businesses have and the more successful they can be! Email me at hello@rosie-rosie.com if you have any suggestions!

Sourdough bread starter - My husband and I want to make sourdough. Why not! We are home all of the time and love sourdough bread. I am super excited to get our sourdough starter soon from Easy Tiger ATX!

Cheap Old Houses - Love this account. I secretly dream of finding our next home here, though we aren't in any position to move yet! They are also going to have a show on HGTV soon. Can't wait to see their journey. 

 Dazed But Amazed. I would like one of everything please. 


This Shower Scrub. Been really enjoying slathering this on and letting it sit as a shower mask for a bit. Makes my skin super soft.

The Queens Gambit. This has been all anyone has talked about as far as tv shows and I finally got to watch the first few episodes, and guys, it really is good! Give it a go over the long holiday weekend! 

This Thanksgiving Food guide. This year it is just going to be my husband, my two kids our dog Twiggy and myself so we aren't making 20 different items, but I as able to pick and choose a few from this guide and there is even a week schedule so you know when to do certain things, to make sure you have plenty of time to rest on Thanksgiving. Give it a check and see if you need to add any yummy sides. Also, I have not idea how to cook a turkey, so this has a super simple and helpful recipe. We decided to buy our turkey from a local farm, because it's the best way to do it and because we wanted to make the small things on Thanksgiving more special since we can't see family for the holiday. What are you guys doing for the Thanksgiving? Keeping it small? Turkey or no turkey? I will let you know how ours goes next Sunday!