7 Things We Are Grateful For

Hey, hi! Welcome to all of you who are new. I have been so grateful for the growth of this small business and for all of you who have helped with that. Not to mention the amazing designers that have poured there hearts and souls into the beautiful pieces that we sell here at Rosie Rosie.

Since it is the beginning of the month of Thanksgiving, I thought I would start a new weekly blog post sharing seven things that I am grateful for. This year has been so challenging for so many people and one thing I know, that makes me stay sane and brings me joy, is to call out and bring focus and gratitude to the small things that make my week joyous. So look out for this post every Sunday moving forward! I hope that some of the things I am grateful for, will bring you joy to your life as well. 

What a week! I LOVE Halloween and since having kids, it has been even more fun re-living the joy of this holiday through the kids eyes. Watching Hocus Pocus every night for a month, eating pumpkin bread, soups, cookies and cakes, decorating the house with spider webs and spiders and orange lights. It's a lot of fun and is the perfect way to invite the holiday season in... which is starting today! I can't believe it is NOVEMBER with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I am getting ready for a smaller than usual celebration, so trying to come up with some fun ideas for the kids. Let me know if you have any! 

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1. This Fringe Shirt! Definitely on my want list. I have a very long want list, as I tend to have a hard time pulling the trigger on actually buying things (yes I am a "put it in the cart and then walk away" person:/) So, maybe someone will get this for me for Christmas? If not, I can keep dreaming. There is also a cream version of this as well that would be pretty fantastic with a pair of good jeans. 

2. Echo Vie hand sanitizer. Not only does is smell so good, it also feels good. The mister on this bottle makes it feel like a spa day for your hands. My daughter always comments on how good it smells and it's handmade with love! 

3. The Class - A friend of mine turned me on to this online workout class and I am obsessed. I have always struggled with sticking to a workout plan, but I have really enjoyed doing this class every other day. It's not just a great workout it is also a wonderful meditation and body and mind check in. I highly recommend you do these classes (or any work out) especially during these soon to be cold dark months. It's going to save my mood when those winter blues start kicking in! 

 4. Making these Mini Apple Cider Cakes over and over this holiday season. So cute and delicious and the kids of course love them because they are like donuts! 

5. Give me all of these smells please! There is something so enriching when using products that are made thoughtfully. Even home smells are made with love through Ritual Incense. On that note, stay tuned for a very special candle line made by Rosie Rosie! More on that next week. 

6. The Seconds Sale from East Fork Pottery. I love everything East Fork and I love participating in their Seconds Sale. In order to shop pieces that are slightly imperfect you donate to a cause that they choose, switching it up every once in awhile to help support good causes, and in return you get a code to shop some of their pieces that didn't make the final cut. Happy all around. 


7. This Podcast. For awhile this year, I was driving to and from St. Louis weekly. I really enjoyed listening to Dax Shepard interview all kinds of people with all kinds of expertise. He is a thoughtful and smart interviewer and I wish I had the same amount of time now to listen to his podcast. Give it a go and let me know what you think! I am excited to listen to his interviews with Sofia Coppola and Bob Woodward. 


Hope you all have a wonderful first week of November and if you haven't already, please VOTE! xo - Caitlin